What Makes Wine Vegan?

What makes wine Vegan?

Both non-organic and organic winemakers use so-called fining agents during the production process to clear and fine the wine, to improve its quality in different ways. These fining agents can be animal based or vegan.

The fining agents absorb cloudiness, unwanted matter and off-flavours in the wine, thus improving its quality. After fining, the cleared wine is moved from the fining tank into a clear tank, after which it gets bottled. At this point in time, no traces of the fining agent can be found in the bottled wine anymore.

For vegans, it' still not acceptable to drink such wine, as any use of animal products is unwanted, even if the animal-based substance can't be found in the end product. That's why it's important to look for vegan wines especially.

Some commonly used, animal-based fining agents are gelatin (animal bones), isinglass (fish), egg whites and egg albumin and chitosan (shells of crabs and lobsters).

Vegan products, of course, don't use any of these, but instead, either don’t use fining agents, letting the wine clear itself over time, or they use a vegan fining agent.

Some vegan-friendly fining agents are carbon, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay and kaolin.

If you are shopping for vegan wines online, simply look for the word "vegan" or "unfiltered" on the bottle. Sadly, you'll notice the selection in a normal supermarket is very limited, especially if you'd like to buy an organic product. Vegan Wines Australia is a better selection.

The good tip is to buy vegan wines online from Vegan Wines Australia. Vegan Wines Australia will have a category for vegan wines so you don't have to spend hours looking at each and every wine description.

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